by Andrea Elizabeth

In order to finally return a Netflix DVD we’ve had since last Halloween time, we watched Hollow (be warned of partial nudity) last weekend. It’s a creepy movie set in an old English churchyard over a weekend when two couples come to retrieve some of the estate of one of the young people’s deceased clergy grandfather. The supernatural things that happen heighten the negative parts of each of their characters. The question is, are they revelations from God about themselves or from demons? The current clergy does not want to deal with it, and the young people are quicker to criticize each other than themselves. The blond girl, not the descendant, is blatantly herself, and also calls people out the most. The descendant is a goody two shoes who gets accused of wanting people to love her and her goodness for selfish reasons. I thought it was pretty well done.

I suppose self-revelation is a pretty risky business inspiring one to easily go the wrong way into giving in to it, or loathing/flagellating oneself too much, or dismissing it by blaming it all on demonic suggestion. There is another option of handling it through confession and more positive repentance, however.