speaking of Brexit

by Andrea Elizabeth

I wonder what Queen Elizabeth thinks about it. Apparently she is officially “mum” on the subject, because, how weird this sounds, “the Queen does not engage in politics“. But people believe she is for it because of her views of how Europe’s policies make them vulnerable to terrorism. She is a very interesting figure regarding Britain’s positive self-identity. I recently watched Prince Charles’ tribute to her on her 90th birthday where he said one of the most remarkable occasions during her reign was when she visited the Republic of Ireland in 2011 at the invitation of President Mary McAleese, which was the first visit by a British Monarch in 100 years. He had recounted how horrible the tensions were especially in the 1970’s, and how wonderful it was to finally be on better terms. This is a good picture of how Queen Elizabeth II is able finesse very delicate waters. People can easily vilify British colonialism, but not really Queen Elizabeth. Ireland had invited her despite “The Troubles” when

“Angry crowds burned down the British Embassy in Dublin in protest at the shooting by British troops of 13 civilians in Derry, Northern Ireland on Bloody Sunday (1972) and in 1981 protesters tried to storm the British Embassy in response to the IRA hunger strikes of that year. In 1978, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) trial “Ireland v. the United Kingdom” ruled that the techniques used in interrogating prisoners in Northern Ireland “amounted to a practice of inhuman and degrading treatment”, in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.” source

Maybe the Prime Minister was more to blame than the Queen. Yet, even though she doesn’t have official political power, she still has influence.