Alone season 2

by Andrea Elizabeth

So far, *spoiler*, I’ve been thinking the most about the ex-police officer lady who seems to have PTSD, as have many of the ex military contestants, except the current ex-sniper. She got in combat mode when a bear and her cub were sniffing around her tent. Afterward she tapped out because she didn’t like clicking into that mode. On one hand, I think she may could have worked through it, given more time. But on the other, a body gets tired of stress, and more stress isn’t really going to help. Sometimes you need community support and can’t go it alone.

But in the olden days, people didn’t really give themselves breaks, but maybe that was only certain people. Other people did collapse.

There’s an interesting dichotomy between those who endure, and those who succumb. We admire the first, but have sympathy for the second. The tension between righteousness and mercy I suppose. Still, St. Paul says to press on.