The worst thing he’s said so far.

by Andrea Elizabeth

How can Pocahontas be a derogatory name? Maybe Trump is racist. 

But saying that the only thing bad about Islamic extremism is that they use guns, like Hillary and Obama are doing after the Orlando shooting, is stupid. But Obama feels your pain and knows how  ‘grieving families just want to know why, poor things, too bad. Life is so confusing’. We know why, Sir. It’s because Islam teaches susceptible people it’s ok to murder sinners. 

In saying it’s about guns they’re saying it’s America’s fault, not Muhammad’s. Which is worse, self loathing or self congratulating? I’ll just say I don’t think hating ourselves is more humble. Humility is seeing all of reality. Accepting all the blame is easier because it  over-simplifies the situation and puts it in terms that make you believe you are in control. Self loathing is for control freaks.