cleaning house

by Andrea Elizabeth

Sorry I have been out of pocket lately. We have had a renter turnover, and I have been busy cleaning, letting in contractors, and painting.

The Donald may be a bit too self-referential and unclear in his bombastic and shorthand way of speaking, but I agree with those close to him that he is a warm, caring, practical and effective person. Those close to Hillary, and my husband works with a former IT person in the White House, say she is extremely mean, nasty, rude, and ruthlessly ambitious for no one’s good but her own. They say Chelsea’s niceness comes from Bill. Hillary is known for saying “F*** off” if she passes underlings in the hall who say Hello. My husband told his co-worker about the new book, Crisis of Character, written by a Secret Service person in the White House, and he very enthusiastically agreed with the description.

The Secret Service agent that wrote “Crisis of Character,” a tell-all book about Hillary Clinton and her violent temper, should be believed, a prominent writer claims.

Ronald Kessler, who wrote the book “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents,” said the current book by former agent Gary Byrne about Hillary’s violent “erratic, uncontrollable” actions follow along with the material in his own book, according to the New York Posts Page Six.

“My Secret Service sources tell me that Gary Byrne was a respected Secret Service uniformed officer who can be trusted to tell an honest story,” he said. “Byrne’s accounts track completely with the material in my book … The agents portray Bill as being like an abused child, treated by Hillary as nastily as she treats her Secret Service agents.”

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