highly efficient metabolisms

by Andrea Elizabeth

Just read a post from a woman lamenting having metabolism problems similar to mine. I also saw a young girl interviewed who just lost 100 lbs by having a very strict, gram counting diet who had to walk 4 miles a day with her family to lose it. She was very overweight as a 1 year old too. All the testing was negative. She was told she just had a slow metabolism. I would also call it a very efficient metabolism. A person who can function and even hike on 400 calories a day gets pretty high gas mileage. But we are not thankful for this. 1, our appetites are for a normal 2000 calorie diet. This is what normal people can eat, so portions are sized and given often enough for this. 2, we don’t feel that well and aren’t very motivated to move. I wager that it takes us more calories to have gumption than normal people. We need a sugar high to just get out of bed. Physically speaking. This only makes it worse because, in addition to the subsequent sugar low, it’s harder for fat people to move. So, basically motivation comes from pure will power or finding something else to get worked up about.

Will power where one is motivated by a sense of duty, responsibility, vanity, or selfless love for others does not take one’s mind off of feeling sluggish or wanting to eat. It only allows one to muddle through moving and not eating. There is not enough energetic joy.

Joy comes from doing what one loves. Only that will get one’s mind off of food and energize one’s steps. Thankfully caffeinated drinks can come without calories and will provide a sense of fullness, well-being, and energy. But who wants a liquid only diet. It’s not the only thing one will reach for, but if you reach for it first, it’s easier to deny food.

For me, going to Church, and visiting children and grandbabies, and driving and hiking though beauty are very motivating. When I’m on a trip, it’s easy to get out of bed. Coffee will sustain that feeling though the activity. But coming back home to the daily responsibilities, while nice, is not quite enough to quicken my steps away from the kitchen. Will power must come to the fore.

Additionally, fat people are very negatively¬†judged as lazy gluttons. Way more judged than people who get their bursts of energy and sense of well-being from shopping and alcohol, for instance. Just because it makes them ugly. Being rejected for being fat ugly can make a person resentful and more drawn to salve their low feelings with food. Resentful for not being able to eat like normal people and for being judged for outer appearance. Resentful faces are not pretty either. The outer appearance thing goes both ways. Curbing food intake to be more liked is vanity and being co-dependent with people’s lusts. Craving beauty is not the end all be all virtue. As I said above, I love driving through beautiful places. But this can become selfish if one is neglecting their responsibilities and their relationships. Same goes for Church attendance.

Also, genetically modified food that is more efficiently grown, is probably more efficiently digested. It’s a catch 22 if people would modify the way they ate. If you consume less, then they don’t need to grow as much, but that’s not what happens, is it?

My caffeine just ran out and it’s too soon to get more. I’ll go put chlorine in the pool now, because taking a trip for over a week caused the pool to be neglected and ugly. So I’ll slog through the procedure. And if I had more energy, I’d make this post more artful by drawing more corollaries with gas mileage. Like how Yugos couldn’t go uphill. You go, get it?