It’s Jefferson’s fault

by Andrea Elizabeth

Transgender bathroom rights was discussed in the Diane Rehm show today. The leftists were so definite that gender identity can be different than the one “assigned at birth”. The rightest lawyer’s best argument was that discrimination is clearly defined as illegal against sex, not gender identity. The left’s best argument was the sound of a female now male identifying guest’s masculine sounding voice. And their argument that the right is engaging in fear mongering that men are going to pretend to be trans to get access to women’s bathrooms. This may be naive, but it does sound like it is more for the sake of argument than based in experience. They also said predators don’t care what the law is anyway. I do think there needs to be more privacy within all bathrooms and changing rooms.

I am wondering if the Founding Fathers started this “leftist gender theory“. The notion of inalienable rights and the pursuit of happiness has always sounded governmentally overreaching to me. I do not know how these are determined. Even though this article says this notion was used to challenge the divine right of kings, it sounds theological and based on the intentions of the Creator for mankind. Otherwise I don’t see a basis for rights at all for randomly occurring self-determining life forms. So either there are divinely given rights and a hierarchy that can protect them, or it’s a free for all or an agreed upon democratic society that can change with the wind. Google says the nation is pretty split about transgender bathroom rights. The right has the problem of basing its morality on religion.