This is so fun

by Andrea Elizabeth

To me the division of pro and anti Trumpsters are between realists and idealists. Cruz, and a certain stripe of Evangelicals, and democrats for that matter, are idealists who have no idea how much their rubber does not meet the road. I am surprised that there appears to be a large number of Evangelicals who are realists. They are the ones who do not consider themselves above common sinners and who can take a joke. The idealistic ones see themselves as being persecuted for righteousness sake, and that someone as crass as Trump will bring about the end of conservative values. I hope so. I used to be that type of conservative, but I think their values do need to be reformed. The idealist will put the oxygen on their favorite aborted baby before themselves or the oh so sinful mother. And when the baby is the only one alive, it wont be for long because the caretakers will be dead. Trump seems more pragmatic about why America needs to protect itself from too much meddling and aid doling in other countries. Not because America is exceptional, but because families are, or should be, the most qualified to take care of their own. Cruz would have done much better if he would have laughed off the grassy knoll suggestion instead of going into a self-righteous tizzy and calling Trump all sorts of names that he really meant, as opposed to Trump who comes across as humorously nick naming, not that he didn’t mean it either. Like wife-gate. Cruz really wanted to show Trump as “we don’t serve your kind” the kind who would marry a trashy pin up girl. And Trump said, “at least she’s pretty”. And she is. And that’s funny, not snobby Cruzy.