who are Trump’s supporters?

by Andrea Elizabeth

According to this article,

“In terms of demographics, Trump’s supporters are a bit older, less educated and earn less than the average Republican. Slightly over half are women. About half are between 45 and 64 years of age, with another 34 percent over 65 years old and less than 2 percent younger than 30. One half of his voters have a high school education or less, compared to 19 percent with a college or post-graduate degree. Slightly over a third of his supporters earn less than $50,000 per year, while 11 percent earn over $100,000 per year. Definitely not country club Republicans, but not terribly unusual either.”

“The Donald appears to have a special appeal to Texans: he took the highest proportion of support from Ted Cruz, then from Rick Perry, which may explain their non-passive reactions to Trump’s candidacy.”

“Trump’s support is not particularly ideological. In recent YouGov polls, 20 percent of his supporters describe themselves as “liberal” or “moderate,” with 65 percent saying they are “conservative” and only 13 percent labeling themselves as “very conservative.””

Wow, I fit that demographic in spades. Mostly, I respond to his sticking it to the elite. I don’t like that he’s attacking Clinton for barking like a dog or not having enough stamina or energy, but I do like that he’s not afraid of her. She is a scary person, so to not be afraid of her means maybe he’ll make her stop scaring me. And I don’t like how smug the media is. I like that they are getting told that they can’t force their agenda on people, that some people aren’t getting sucked in. What is that agenda? That people who are against abortion are mean to women. I think men who put women in a position of an unwanted pregnancy are mean to women, even if she asked for it. I don’t like that women carry all the responsibility.

I like that he’s sticking it to the Republican establishment. Mostly their smugness too. They think they’re morally superior because they’re against abortion and pro independent success. They don’t mind that they’re rich off of slave labor. That low paid people make them rich. Yes, they have an impressive work ethic, but that ethic doesn’t work for everyone. And it can make you a dull white boy.

They accuse The Donald of arrogance, but they don’t know how smug and arrogant they seem. Take this article, No, Not Trump, Not Ever by David Brooks, whose words I have respected in the past. Why are his insults superior to the ones Trump uses? He sounds like he’s talking from his ivy league tower. He admits it a little, “Well, some respect is in order…. Many in the media, especially me, did not understand how they would express their alienation…. For me, it’s a lesson that I have to change the way I do my job if I’m going to report accurately in this country.”

So I guess Trump makes people like me feel like we have a voice.

Right now they are projecting that Hillary makes more people feel like they have a voice. People who are sensitive to racism and mysogyny mainly, it seems. They’re not going to like the barking Hillary add at all. Enough to say, No not trump, not ever. Why shouldn’t they? Because babies are being killed. But Trump used to be pro abortion, I’ve heard. He says he’s against it now. I don’t think he’ll try to ram it and gay marriage down our throats like Clinton will, though.

That barking Clinton ad also portrays Putin as a foe next to Isis. So far I’ve liked how Trump seems less hawkish about the Middle East and a little friendlier to Russia, so I’ll put that on the shelf for now.

Back to racism. People may think I’m a racist because of how they take some of my comments. Who knows? People have reactions to skin color. I was enlightened to hear how a Hispanic lady was comforted that there is a local Hispanic nun, because she’s like her. I went to eat at an Asian restaurant the other day that was mostly filled with Asian and African Americans. My first thought was, the food must be good if Asians eat here. My second thought was, those cute little black kids sure laugh a lot. My third thought was, I wonder if they expect that we think we made a mistake eating here. I don’t. The only reason I wouldn’t go back is that they only had two shrimp dishes, which is all we can eat during Lent.

We all come from a nationalistic sense of belonging that says, “These are my people”. The diversity in America is also part of our heritage, and that is also changing. But I don’t think doing away with borders should be in our future. Am I afraid of less cultural diversity? No, people came from where they came from and mixing wont change that but add to it. I guess it’s because I believe in private property. But what about smug, oblivious rich guys? I hope public opinion will sway them, and that we come up with a balancing solution, which is not forceful seizure of lawfully attained assets. I’ve heard Trump briefly and candidly, of course, talk about those laws that he says they all (rich guys) use to their advantage. The fact that he’s frank about it is a step.