the racism card

by Andrea Elizabeth

A female caller to the post-Tuesday-primary Diane Rehm show believes that the label that Trump is a racist is propagated by the media. The panel roundly said that it’s the “people of color” themselves who are deeply offended by his rhetoric, evidenced by their voting record. They said he makes too broad of a swath with his statements about illegal immigrants and Muslims, and then doesn’t quite go far enough with his “some of them are good people”. I think the offended people make too broad of a swath with their offense as if there is no cause for alarm.

His statements seem to me as hyperbolic and possibly used for effect to draw attention to important threats. For instance, how is it that so many Americans can be addicted to illegal drugs? Why is it that when you hear the word terrorist, you automatically think of Muslims? To label people as racist, nazis and internment proponents who think there needs to be serious intervention is naive at best.

Should innocent Mexicans and Muslims be offended? I wish they were more offended at those who have dragged down their name by their actions.