Hillary’s victim mentality

by Andrea Elizabeth

Hillary said that Trump is a bully and emotionally added, “I’ve been standing up to bullies my entire life“. This is the one emotional card she knows how to play. This is why she has the minority, gay, and female votes. These people feel victimized, so they have a visceral reaction when Trump seems callous, at best, to them. Indeed he gives them fodder to think so. Just this morning on Good Morning America he said in response to Hillary saying “We need someone who will defend this country, not embarrass it”, “Hillary doesn’t have the stamina or strength to win the election”. George Stephanopoulis gave his black, gay, female co-anchor, Robin Roberts, a knowing look who stoically, but with hurt in her eyes changed the subject after this obvious slam against women.

I wonder if Trump’s female supporters, of which there are a lot, believe in male hierarchy. I think that’s the angle everyone will be looking for during the upcoming debates. I wonder if Sarah Palin believes in male hierarchy. She ran for Vice President afterall. But she’s also governor, which is the top of the state. Perhaps a lot of Trump’s female supporters believe in alpha-ness, male or female, and think Trump fits the bill. There’s a pretty popular analysis that Trumps supporters do believe in authoritarianism, which I’ll add doesn’t necessarily mean nazi-ism, btw. All hierarchies are authoritarian, or we wouldn’t have clergy, bosses, or government officials, and wouldn’t call law enforcement “the authorities”. These whiners need to get over themselves.