Post Big Bend lingering thoughts

by Andrea Elizabeth

I love being the only one on the road, especially scenic roads. It is depressing negotiating even a smallish town on the way home where you have to thread the needle to make a turn. Very depressing. So is waiting in line for fast food behind soccer moms. I wonder how much caffeine they drink to keep up that lifestyle.

I am considering not voting for the first time in my adult life. I, or maybe the country, have gotten to the point where I don’t trust the government nor the people to make things right. That leaves out republicans, democrats, and libertarians. It leaves in Orthodox Saints. Mostly of the isolated desert variety. I want to become one of those. There’s a dugout house with 2 foot stone walls above the hole and with a thatch roof that I like along Maverick Road. Problem is it’s right by the high-clearance-only dirt road. Not enough privacy.

We’re thinking of trading in my spiffy but wimpy 2015 two wheel drive 3000 lb towing capacity Santa Fe Sport, which cannot pull the 2500 lb camper and is why my son took us in his 7000 lb capacity Ford F150, for a used four wheel drive SUV that can.

Trinitarian characters in fiction are very satisfying. Kirk, Spock and Bones; Luke, Han and Leia; Harry, Hermione and Ron; Sherlock, Watson, and Lestrade; and most recently, Lockwood, Lucy, and George from Lockwood and Co., which we are listening to in the car. There is some religious symbolism, but more confidently relatable without worry of taking things for granted, is giving one’s own heart, mind, and body separate voices.