neither nor

by Andrea Elizabeth

In listening to NPR’s programs devoted to Justice Scalia’s recent passing in West Texas, I am reminded how I fall between the cracks. It seems almost everyone else has a comfy couch to sit on. I have to sit on the floor in the middle, though slightly to the right. It’s soooo much easier to soapbox from a comfy couch! You may think it’s easier to put a soapbox in the middle, as a sort of coffee table, but the middle is really an abyss. If you are critical of the abyss you can say, “you’re wishy washy, double minded and unstable in all your ways”. If you believe in it you can say, “you are closer to God, who is apophatically beyond rules and couches”. Even so, I wish I could say, “the founders were superior and conservatives should just defend what they wrote down in the constitution. Instead I’m with the other couch who says the founders had slaves and didn’t want women to vote. I wish I could stay on that couch and say, Justice Scalia made women’s and gay’s lives harder with his judgments against abortion and gay marriage. Instead I believe he was right, even though I don’t believe that laws are the end all be all of righteousness. I have no country. 😦 But I am at home in my house and in national and state parks.

Which reminds me of a quote I saw today attributed to Teddy Roosevelt, “There is nothing so American as our national parks

That is because they are the only places left as the indigenous people left them. If the Indians were still there they would be more American than they are now.