Making a Murderer stays with you

by Andrea Elizabeth

All right now, we done binge-watched the whole dang thing. *slight spoiler* It’s so weird how confident people can be in spite of dubious supporting evidence. And how people of a certain social standing can feel so superior. Not that you should start dating prisoners who you believe are wrongfully accused.

This brings me to a recurring theme in my head about the ability of lives to be ruined, deservedly so or not. There are some blows that stick. I think in America we don’t believe that is ultimately possible and that is why we say, never give up, never surrender! It is weakness to admit defeat. It’s not that I don’t admire bravery in the face of bad odds, it’s that I don’t think we should panic so much at losing, as if something being ruined is the end of life. Since Christ conquered death, even death is not the end. We should strive to live, but if it doesn’t work, we can peacefully give up. There’s more beyond. One can still pray in prison, for instance. I’m sure praying for deliverance is included, but if one’s ultimate hope is in God, not release, then one can leave the outcome to Him. If your ultimate hope is in God, not health and prosperity, then you wont hate Him if someone dies or suffers or mistreats you.

But I wouldn’t say with Theresa’s brother that God’s guidance was involved in her killing.