Unapologetically Southern?

by Andrea Elizabeth

Polls have changed a lot in the last 10 years. There must be a real changing of the guard. This new generation is pro gay marriage, pro globalization and anti confederate. I heard on NPR the other day that students of Hood Jr. High School in Dallas have voted to change the name of the school because ‘General John B. Hood was a bad man because he killed people in the Civil War order to keep slavery in the south.’ When I was young, state’s rights were what the South fought for. Nowadays, it’s only slavery. I don’t know much about John B. Hood, but the county south of mine was named after him too. I doubt that will change because most of my neighbors down there look and sound like this “Unapologetically Southern” man:

He doesn’t mention the Civil War or slavery in his rant above about how southerners are stereotyped as being dumb. He’s gotten a lot of press for his rant, but I don’t find it convincing even though he’s nice about people of other cultures. I don’t like and do not brag about having gas-guzzling polluters, proud gun toters* (see the video) and to add, racists in the south, but I am still proud to be southern. I would apologize if I or my kids participated in those sins, as each person should apologize for their own culturally inherited and participated-in sins. Additionally, I think General Lee was a respectable man who fought for his homeland and didn’t care for slavery, or so I’ve heard. Now there’s even a movement to take down his statue in a nice part of Dallas.

I believe the evils of slavery and the Civil War were inherited generational attitudes about class and what makes a war just. A lot has changed, and much more will as my generation dies out. Folks are pretty bonded to what their grandparents believed. And my grandparents’ grandparents lived through the Civil War. I guess if your grandparent was a babyboomer (coming of age in the revolutionary 60’s), as the Millenials’ grandparents are, everything is up for grabs.

*I don’t think gun toting is a sin, but being proud of your gun as a way to intimidate people who disagree with you is.