The castle of aaaaaaaah

by Andrea Elizabeth

I replied to a Facebook comment that talking is overrated. Talking is mostly good for catharsis. It is a funeral to gain closure for something that has died. A eulogy. Take for example the law of Moses. This was necessary because man had fallen so far that they had no conscience. Except for a couple of guys. These guys naturally did right without being told. They had to instruct people, so their words were because of dead consciences, not living ones. 

Story-telling is similar. Something bad happened and it needed to be told to gain closure and maybe instruct ignorant people. Charles Dickens and Dostoyevsky had terrible pasts. 

But what about love and beauty? These words are also testaments of winter. If there were not scarcity of experience, we would not need to be reminded. If there were abundance, we would still need no reminder and probably would not appreciate one.

So words are eulogies said when something has passed.