Why a person may not be ready to be Orthodox

by Andrea Elizabeth

Though it is heaven on earth, the Church is also hell on earth. Or at least Purgatory. Equal is the bliss and the torment. Is it condescending to say a person may not be ready for the torment? The torment of alienation from your Christian group of origin? alienation from your anti-or other exclusive sacramental family? of not having your sins once and for all erased without prejudice or seeing them and dealing with them individually with a Father Confessor? Unless it’s a sin that is also against the law. of God’s representative not being yet deified yet at the same time guiding you directly or indirectly to repentance even though you may not see it or like the methods? Of being a tiny minority largely unheard of religion while everyone else confidently thinks they’re it? Of feeling that some in your own Church are too confident they’re it? While wondering if I don’t feel confident enough? I probably feel too sorry for myself so therefore don’t want others to go through the bad part.

The bliss is feeling connected to the departed Saints and loved ones even though Protestants accuse us of necromancy. Of actually seeing the face of Christ and the Saints while Protestants believe it to be idolatry. Of having a heavenly Mother as well as a Father even though Protestants believe her to be a pagan goddess. Of having a physical hand bless you and connect you to grace in the Sacraments. Of feeling the presence of God in the lonesome desert.