My granddaughter is getting baptized today in the Catholic Church

by Andrea Elizabeth

What if Orthodoxy is the fullness of the truth, but not yet necessary for salvation? I say not yet because Chrismation, which makes up for all the gaps, can occur after death? If there is no legalistic reason to become Orthodox on earth, then why do it? Because one recognizes and loves the fullness of the truth, mainly. But there are other considerations. Family bonds and the conviction that non-Orthodox relatives and friends are healthy Christians. Many even more healthy than Orthodox ones. A feeling of palpable peace when Pope Francis spoke in Congress. The sense that even some non-Christians seem in a heavenly sphere. These are all psychic forces, so I will not dogmatize this belief. And I do recognize a healthiness in the fear factor that you better be obedient to who the Church says God is or else. But I believe the wrath stuff is existential and voluntary in heaven. On earth, I don’t think he holds people as accountable because of all the delusion and possible unreadiness of the Church to handle people. Some may even be better off where they are.