by Andrea Elizabeth

Juaja is a Viggo Mortensen movie that only got one star on Netflix. The reviews said it was underrated and misunderstood. It reminded me of a Swedish film that seems a bit like bored naval gazing, but I must say the Argentinian scenery looked spectacular on our OLED TV. It’s not LED or Plasma so it’s not back-lit which makes the blacks blacker and the contrast makes everything textured and more 3d. If I were to assign meaning to the film, I’d say it was about parted parents and children who make mistakes and wish things were different. These Swedish-type films have a great sense of longing and almost despair. It’s like you can’t trust what you think you want, but what you really want, if you knew what it was, isn’t quite nothing. Warning, one of the first scenes is pretty embarrassing, so that and the way it unfolds isn’t really child-friendly.