it’s coming

by Andrea Elizabeth

Finally got a little Christmas spirit yesterday after shopping for the feast. This trip included buying small things for our first grandchild who is due this week in Connecticut. I originally had turkey at the top of my list, but after getting all the trimmings, including present wrapping materials, I only remembered the big bird as I was filling the back of the car with my three sets of purchases. I surrounded the Blue Bell Peppermint ice cream with frozen broccoli and headed back. Carrying my 20 pound tom back to my car reminded me what it’s like to be pregnant.

Afterward my daughter and I were at last emotionally ready to put the decorations on the tree that has been lit for a while. Then at 10pm, my husband and I began to wrap gifts. I went ahead and put mine under the tree. He waits to put his way too generous load under (and around) after Santa comes. He’ll be wrapping all week.