by Andrea Elizabeth

There is so much pressure to say words. If you don’t, you’re rude, sullen, uncommunicative, evasive, nervous, shy, isolated, remote, and open to all manner of others’ private interpretation. This all may be true, but why are silent people thus worse than wordy people? Because people want to know what they’re getting. They can take all manner of sinfulness if it is open. Thus we are to confess our sins. See the pressure? Speak or you’re damned.

And then there is complaining, justifying, manipulating, lying, insulting, secret revealing, and gossip. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I am on a reading lag again. Words are too intense for me. They only exert pressure to perform. Dance, bear, dance! What I do try to read is Cyrillic (and Methodius?). I don’t care if I understand it, if it’s Russian, Slavonic, or even disguised English. I want to learn to sight-read it like musical notes. Slavic languages sound beautiful, especially with icons and candles.

I wish the following video showed the insides.