zen and the circular walking dead

by Andrea Elizabeth

Serenity spiral labyrinth walks are the bomb.

I was peacefully and passively walking on it until you pushed me off.

Then I went the other way to avoid you and there you were again!

I hopped over to the next row and was peaceful for 180 degrees and the inevitable made my blood boil.

I lost the chicken game.

Why am I always the one to give in?!

Because I would rather lose than be a jerk.

And I’d rather think you a jerk than my victim.

But that makes you a victim of my criminology.

I let you think that you can make others be chicken victims too.

I should have slammed into you.

But what if we were both too wounded by the collision to fight the new person who has a knife?

Pacifist stories are interesting. Like Morgan Jones, Friendly Persuasion, Big Country, and Coward of the County.

They usually eventually put up a fight. But that makes them to be the best kind, a reluctant warrior.