natural law and walking dead

by Andrea Elizabeth

If Walking Dead writers are influenced by Natural Law rather than Imposed or Charismatic Law, then they are working from a place of inner empathy for other people. The heroes of the story have three questions when meeting new people, Clear1)How many walkers have you killed? 2)How many people have you killed? 3)Why? If you haven’t killed walkers for not a good enough reason you are probably self-serving somehow. If you’ve killed people, you need to have a good reason so as to not also be self-serving. This is supposed to be self-evident morality.

But then there’s sex. Adultery is obviously bad because it values self over the person’s spouse. But what if the spouse is dead? Single people can copulate with anyone they want as attraction is natural. It doesn’t hurt anyone and can be seen to help the other. I don’t think people question this on their own. Sex, like food, is good. It’s easier to common sensically rationalize how over-eating is bad since it makes you fat and leads to heart disease, diabetes, unatractiveness, etc. STD’s and pregnancy used to be the argument against unbridled sex, but modern medicine has mitigated many of these effects. Sex is more like eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. There doesn’t seem to be a good reason why not. Just, Thus Saith the Lord. So, monogamous marital only relations seem to be more of an example of Imposed Law than Natural Law. That is why Walking Dead doesn’t have a problem with homosex or fornication.

I think this is why they killed off Hershel before they introduced the gay people. Hershel represented traditional imposed authoritarian Christianity, and did it well. But he was old and feeble, and that’s not young and vital, especially after he’s dead. So old is bad and new is good. His wisdom was valued, and he died a hero, but he is dead. And dead men have no authority. Unless there is a resurrection, and for Walking Dead, there is no resurrection because that isn’t exactly natural. So, it’s the Resurrection that gives Tradition its teeth. I don’t like the idea of legal laws regulating sexual morality mainly because I don’t want to give the police the right to monitor people’s bedroom and take them to jail if a private consensual of-age act is against the law. If the STD’s don’t get ’em, I guess I’m content with God dealing with it on judgment day. This is also why gay marriage shouldn’t be legal. If the state has the right to say what people can do in the bedroom, then the state can teach it to our children. These things should be taught by family and the Church, and the consequences left to God. Withholding Communion should be bad enough punishment in this life.