From Lisey’s Story

by Andrea Elizabeth

“Amanda hated these pictures. She looked and saw her sister playing salt for the sirloin, setting for the stone. She saw her sister sometimes identified as Mrs. Landon, sometimes as Mrs. Scott Landon, and sometimes—oh, this was bitter—not identified at all. Demoted all the way to Gal Pal. To Amanda it must seem like a kind of murder.”
Excerpt From: King, Stephen. “Lisey’s Story.” Scribner. iBooks. 

I wonder if the Holy Spirit feels the same way. 

When it says The two shall become one, it can seem that one loses their identity. Or that one’s effect on the other is subtle while the other’s is almost total. In the Trinity there is one Divine mind. Isn’t it the Father’s? I don’t think in a marriage it should be the man’s but the Father’s also.