the devil made them do it

by Andrea Elizabeth

critique of Dateline last night with Matt Lauer about the woman who helped the two murderers escape from a NY prison last spring.

Yes the woman was minimizing her involvement. She thinks she was a victim of manipulation. And her transparent lapses about how she is especially nice and thus vulnerable to manipulation, and a redhead who gets her own way with her husband revealed she isn’t as sorry as she could be. She isn’t willing to face herself yet. She is still holding on to feeling special that such notorious murderers took an interest in her and involved her in their plans.

But Matt Lauer isn’t her authority figure. It isn’t up to him to make her admit to being a sneaky liar who deserves to be in jail. The truth is that going along with a power figure isn’t quite the same as leading criminal activity. I feel for people who get caught up in someone’s charismatic personality and don’t show proper judgment for their actions. Often they are vulnerable people who have had hard lives and felt on their own, so that a strong person who takes an interest in them is almost? impossible to resist. I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve to be in jail, but I think she should be treated more as mentally ill than a criminal.

Same with Eagle Scout Heath Stocks(I can’t find the 1hr documentary I watched on line) who at 20 was put in jail for life for killing his parents and sister, most likely at the instigation of his pedophile Scout Leader, Jack Walls. Stocks was Walls’ favorite scout for 10 years, capitalizing on Stocks’ problems with his angry father.

I guess the problem isn’t so much being in a bad place in life, but feeling entitled to be compensated for it, not that the weak and vulnerable can help it. I don’t know if everyone has a feeling of emptiness that some chosen compensation can presumably cure, but it seems that some especially have “addictive personalities” whose battle is especially painful. Lord have mercy.