by Andrea Elizabeth

One thing people do to feel better at funerals is to remember the good and funny things that person said or did. Now that my vacation is over, I’ll reminisce about my brown fisherman jacket in August. We timed it so that we missed the 105 degree days of Texas and had mostly 75 degree days in Nova Scotia. In the mountains of Cape Breton National Park the cool winds and altitude brought out my warm flowy above the knee length jacket. It hides as well as warms. It is my favorite piece of clothing which I sadly do not get to wear enough in Texas.

It’s not just the escape from the hot summer that I miss. It’s looking forward to seeing something new and dramatically beautiful every day. Charting the course, finding places to sleep and eat, finding out what’s just beyond the next bend. Now I’m back to my routine of sameness. Same ol’ same ol’. Without even a jacket to cover it up.