The French were here first

by Andrea Elizabeth

While strolling through the streets of the reconstructed 1700’s Fortress Louisbourg on the north Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, I had the impression that if it were a monastery I’d like to live there. Big enough to house enough same-goaled people far enough apart so that you wouldn’t feel in each others’ faces too much. Solid and fortified enough to insulate from the outside, unless the attack is from the underprotected rear instead of straight on from the sea, which is what the English did twice and finally demolished the place. But shady tactics aside, the Fortress feels secure. I could take it a little less fancy, but the feeling of communally walking down the lanes to the chapel, bakery, icehouse, and rum-house was very cozy and nice. Additionally, pre-electricity and gas hand-hewn living feels more honest and pure, even though the sanitation was almost non-existent. It is said you could smell the place 10 miles away, but that’s still more honest than chemically induced hygiene. I don’t think we’re prepared to return to this stage of development cold-turkey, but it’s nice to have it in bits and pieces.