why aren’t there any girl Minions?

by Andrea Elizabeth

This lady feels discriminated against because there are no female Minions. Her synopsis of the movie sounds a little like the Genesis account of God creating man initially only male. I don’t think feminists like that either. I tend to see males in stories as mainly human, so I can relate to them as a fellow human and not think too much about them only representing half the population. If I was a female actress it would probably bother me more as I would be more obviously excluded. It was someone else who mentioned that the Fellowship of the Ring was all male and then I thought hey wait a minute. Some Tolkien devotees are upset that Peter Jackson broadened the roles of women in the movies, but Tolkien can also be seen in light of not wanting to send women off to war. However I wont exclusively begrudge the opportunity to women who have a talent for it. I’ve always admired Annie Oakley, Amelia Earhart and Joan of Arc. But having a more vulnerable woman in harms way does complicate the story, and sometimes less is more. I don’t hear anyone complaining about the lack of female Orcs, though.

“For the French animator [Pierre Coffin], who co-directed the new film with Kyle Balda, the masculine-only nature of the Minions owes to their all-around cloddishness. “Seeing how dumb and stupid they often are, I just couldn’t imagine Minions being girls,” he told The Wrap.” Shouldn’t men be more offended? I would think so until I remember previous Three Stooges debates. It’s the men who like them, usually. At least used to be. Maybe women like them more now. Men don’t, or didn’t used to, have the same sensitivities about getting hurt and verbally jabbing each other as women do/did. I see women taking the falls in the recent soccer clips and wonder if maybe that is cultural and not ontological.

Or maybe men, through cultural influence,  don’t think enough of themselves and shouldn’t cut themselves down and put themselves or each other in harms way so much. I saw the American Masters episode on Carol Burnett the other day and was intrigued about her statement on how she was influenced by feminism in the 70’s to not let herself be ridiculed so much, and thought about how she got more dignified/glamorous as she aged. I kind of like her less careful, unself-conscious freedom from before that, but that was unusual too. Interesting that she was raised by her grandmother with her alcoholic mother living down the hall.