Culture vs. patriotism, nationalism, and racism

by Andrea Elizabeth

Racism is the belief that people’s looks can make them less human than other people’s looks. They would claim that this is deduced from past consistent experience with people who look like that.

Nationalism is similar, but is based more on where someone is from than their looks.

Patriotism is similiar, but is based more on governmental ideals than geography.

Culture is the actual product of a geographical society. Culture does not have the baggage of superficial, taken for granted judgments. It may include those societal judgments, but it calls them local judgments rather than holy judgments. “Westerners think this and easterners think that”, for example. A person is left to consider and be enriched by various cultural offerings rather than prosecuting them.

Universalist!, you say? I think God can be found anywhere in the universe, and so can Satan.