by Andrea Elizabeth

This is a must-see video about a poor little dog who was thrown in a river after his leg was cut off by a homeless man. The way he’s sitting on a Cheetos bag waiting for help is so sad. His rescue is so sweet and his recovery is inspiring. Maybe I don’t get foster care though. This good Samaritan handles him very carefully, takes him to the hospital, comforts him through his treatments, and then takes him home to recover and learn how to play with just three legs. The little dog’s persevering hope is praised, but I can’t help but think he believes his rescuer to be his hoped-for owner. He becomes totally at home in his house and the other animals that live there. I’m just waiting for the gotcha when he realizes that guy doesn’t want to keep him. It’s sort of like serial dating to me with no intention of marriage. I believe foster care is nice to have to find out compatibility, to see if both parties can live with the other, and that seems the case here. I don’t think they should be given up without just cause. Devil’s advocate says if the foster people kept all the dogs, they wouldn’t be able to help the newly injured and urgent cases. I guess it’s a personality thing, either you’re a serial rescuer, or you’re looking for what they call furever friends.

p.s. I don’t think Petsmart should advertise pets as kids. There is a difference, even if there is a lot in common.