7th GGF Rev. David Mossum married George and Martha Washington

by Andrea Elizabeth

Rev. David Mossum

“The Anglican Ministry in Virginia, 1723-1766 A Study of Social Class.by Joan Gunderson’s

David Mossom was born in London, the son of a chandler, educated at Lewisham, came to Virginia to live with relatives, while finishing studies for ministry after Cambridge. He returned to London for ordination. He was a member of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel minister in Massachusetts 1718-1726, He then returned to Virginia to avoid Anglican factionalism in Massachusetts. He was for forty years the rector of St. Peter’s Parish. He had married Elizabeth in England, who died in 1737. Next, he married Mary Claiborne, who died in 1745; finally, he married Elizabeth Sloan Marston who died in 1759.

On a plaque; On the Inside Wall of St. Peter’s Episcopal church; Reverends David Mossom prope Jacet[…]¬†Translation; Reverend David Mossom reposes nearby an alumnus student of ancient Saint John College at Cambridge, Rector of this parish during forty years. He was the first one among the Americans to be admitted into the order of priesthood and to take the rank among all the priests of the Anglican Church; He was second to few (people) in Literature; Finally consumed by old age and worry, caused by varied hard works that he had accomplished. and in view of the day of his death: then being youthful and healthy, he had indicated by testament this place for his sepulcher (burial) and he had chosen that same locality for the sepulcher of his wives Elizabeth and Mary near to his tomb where he reposes until the day he will be resurrected (resuscitated) to the eternal life by Jesus Christ, our Savior. Those words inscribed above not to indicate this stony tomb but to make remembering the man well known who was born in London on the twenty fifth day of March in the year 1690 and who died on the 4th day of January in the year 1767.

On Jan 6, 1759, Reverend David Mosson performed the marriage of Col. George Washington and Martha Dandridge Custis, in New Kent County, VA.


Article XXXIV.
Nevertheless, from the long continuance of Mossom in this parish, we doubt not that he was a more respectable man than many of his day. He was married four times, and much harassed by his last wife, as Colonel Bassett has often told me, which may account for and somewhat excuse a little peevishness. He came from Newburyport, Massachusetts, and was, according to his epitaph in St. Peter’s Church, the first native American admitted to the office of Presbyter in the Church of England.


“Virginia Soldiers of 1776″, Compiled from Documents on File in the Virginia Land Office,
David Mossums English ancestry is given on page 206, W. and M. Quar. Vol. V. Rev. David Mossom was Rector of St. Peters Parish for forty years, in spite of his determination to tell the truth, and the reputation he had of being Peevish. He was born in New England, and though he still adhered to the Church of England, he probably had imbibed some of the puritan strict moralities. He came to Virginia at a time when some of the clergy were somewhat to be criticized for their little slips and slides; becoming Rector of Saint Peters 1727, where he remained forty years. He officiated at the nuptial [p.29] of General George Washington, at the White House, a few miles from the church.
Built in 1701, the church is believed to be the location of the marriage between George and Martha Washington on January 6, 1759. One of the oldest churches in the Commonwealth, the site was originally purchased for 146,000 pounds of tobacco. In 1862, Union soldiers marching from Fort Monroe toward Richmond used the building as a stable. The original portion of the church is one of the few Jacobean baroque style structures in America; the 1740s stump tower is also unusual. Located on S.R. 642 (St. Peter’s Lane) off S.R. 609 (Old Church Road) near Talleysville. Church grounds are open to the public every day, but the interior is open only by appointment. Regular worship services are held at 9 and 11 a.m. Sundays. Call (804) 932-4846 for information.


Rev. David Mossom was born March 25, 1690 and died January 4, 1767. The youngest child above of the first marriage, Elizabeth Mossom {6th GGM}, born in 1722, married Captain William Reynolds, owner of a vessel plying in the tobacco trade. their daughter, Elizabeth {5th GGM}, married Richard Chapman, Jr., and the births of their children are entered in an old prayer book which I have been permitted to see: Jane Chapman was born 29 Feb. 1776. [Mrs. Price, of Hanover, d.s.p.] Reynolds Chapman was born 22 July 1778 [died February 1844. Succeeded George C. Taylor as clerk of Orange in 1802. He married Rebecca Conway Madison, daughter of General William Madison and his wife Frances Throckmorton. One of their children was Judge John Madison Chapman, who married August 3, 1841, Susannah Digges Cole.] Johnson Chapman was born 26 Dec. 1780. [Signed] Sunday mar. 1781, Rich. Chapman {4th GGF}”.

Son of Thomas Mossom, chandler, was born at Greenwich, Kent, England, March 25, 1690, schooled at Lewisham, admitted sizar at St. John’s College, Cambridge, June 5, 1705. He became rector of St. Peter’s Church, New Kent County, Virginia, in 1727, and continued forty years. On January 6, 1759, he performed the marriage of George Washington to Martha Custis, widow of Colonel Daniel Parke Custis, and daughter of Colonel John Dandridge. He died January 4, 1767, leaving issue. Reverend David Mossom occasionally served at Queen Anne’s Chapel



Source: Register of St. Peter’s parish YEAR 1736. page 125

Vital Info: Phebe Negro Girl belonging to David Mossom, born Nov 20, 1736 and baptized Jan 30, 1736.

Source: Register of St. Peter’s parish YEAR 1737. page 132
Vital Info: Greenwich Negro man belonging to the Reverend David Mossom died Feb 17, 1736.

Source: Register of St. Peter’s parish YEAR 1739. page 142
Vital Info: Esther Mulatto girl belonging to Reverend David Mossom, born Sept 17, 1739 and baptized November 11, 1739.

Source: Register of St. Peter’s parish YEAR 1739. page 144
Vital Info: Esther Negro girl belonging to David Mossom born July 3, 1739 baptized Aug 17, 1739.”

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