29th GGF Thor and William the Conqueror

by Andrea Elizabeth

“The House of Crawford considers all those surnamed Crawford as descended from a common ancestor. The name Crawford or Craufurd is derived from the Barony of Crawford in Lanarkshire. The most complete history of the House of Crawford was written by the historian George Crawfurd in the early 1600s. In line with George Crawfurd account, the House acknowledges as its progenitor the Anglo-Danish chief Thorlongus (Thor the tall) who is most closely identified with the Merse in Southern Scotland, a marshy area west of Berwick and north of the River Tweed. Thorlongus also held lands in Northumbria. He fled to Scotland in the winter of 1068-9 when William the Conqueror ravaged Northumbria. Thorlongus served under Malcom Cadmore during the Dano-Scottish war with William the Conqueror. He was granted lands in Ednam by King Edgar around 1107. Thorlongus is known in documents located in Durham Cathedral Archives as the Overlord of Crawford. Thorlongus’ grandson Galfridus de Craufurd is the first to assume the surname.” http://www.scotweb.co.uk/info/crawford/