More on my paternal 2nd great grandmother Missouri Amazon Feagin

by Andrea Elizabeth

in this little bio of her father, Major James Madison Feagin and grandfather Samuel Feagin that reads like The Last of the Mohicans but in Alabama. Here’s an excerpt that shows the prevalant mindset of the day:

... Major James M. Feagin, the eldest in
a family of eight children, was reared on a farm under the watchful eye of a
kind mother, was educated at the common school until her death, in 1827, when,
not being educationally inclined, he permitted his studies to relax. In 1836 he
came to Alabama with his family, and soon had an opportunity to display the
inherent bravery of his race. He had been a resident of an old-settled country,
and was not acquainted with the wily habits of the wild sons of the forest, and
had much to learn in relation to the savages in order to be able to compete with
them in the then impending struggle with them. This trouble, it has been
alleged, was originated through a belief, on the part of the Indians, that they
had been swindled out of their lands by the United States government, or by its
agents. But the major claims that it began at the house of a neighbor of his
parents, through too great an imbibition on the part of the copper-skinned
natives of firewater. This neighbor kept a store a short distance north of the
residence of the Feagin family, and there, one day, about fifteen Indians
gathered together, drank and became insolent, and one of their number was
stabbed by a white. ...