Irish born and Swedish heritage veterans

by Andrea Elizabeth

Here’s a second Revolutionary War veteran: My paternal 6th great grandfather, Owen Dowd, died in The Battle of Lindley’s Mill in 1781.

He’s the third ancestor so far from Ireland. I found the article on early colonial migration I mentioned last post. Here’s what it says about the Irish who came over.

Scottish, Scotch-Irish, and English Immigration, 1715-1775
People from the north of England, Scotland, and northern Ireland made up much of the migration to the western frontier regions of the early American colonies, especially to the rugged mountainous areas. The northern Irish migrants were mainly Scotch-Irish, descendants of people from Scotland who had moved to Ireland in earlier centuries. Most of the Irish in America before the nineteenth century were actually Scotch-Irish.

Northern Irish migration peaked between the 1750’s and the early 1770’s, with an estimated 14,200 people from northern Ireland reaching America from 1750 to 1759, 21,200 from 1760 to 1769, and 13,200 in the half-decade leading up to the American Revolution.

Again, my people bear this out.

A member of submitted a photo of the headstone of my maternal 5th great grandfather, John Bankston, who was born in Philadelphia, stating he was a “Pvt. Ga. Troops Rev. War and Pvt. La. Militia War 1812”. He traveled very far. So that’s three so far in the Revolutionary War.