Yes, let’s get our gender views from “Survivor”

by Andrea Elizabeth

There is so much wrong with the conclusions drawn in This Accidental Experiment Shows the Superiority of Patriarchy. I don’t know the Priest who posted it on Facebook, but I’ll not be looking for his Church.

1. Do we really trust that Survivor contestants are drawn from a representative sample of men and women and not because of how they look in a skimpy swimsuit? Or how much of a ratings getting drama king or queen they will be? This is a commercially driven show, not a respected scientific experiment.

2. Do we really believe women are incapable of hunting, fishing, and building? Really? You don’t know any women except freaks who can hunt, forage, or build? You can start with Annie Oakley, and then maybe your grandmother if you really don’t know any in this current age. Or watch this show instead: Knock it Off. They know their way around a saw, hammer, and nails.

3. Do the women in this show have fathers? Are you going to simplistically say that they are dysfunctional because they are feminists and not tradition imbibing patriarchists? Let’s say we are meant to be patriarchal. I could speculate too that these women’s fathers stunk at it. Now what?

4. A feminist argument is that women in patriarchal societies, and I would say privileged patriarchal cultures, are set up as spectacles only and not empowered to fend for themselves.

5. These women are successful in surviving in mode #4. Look pitiful, cute, and helpless and the men will take pity on you and save you. Score for the women. Effortless survival for the fittest!