It’s not the premise I object to, as I am traditionalist, it’s the supports. They need a better argument.

by Andrea Elizabeth

Take this article against gay marriage on the grounds of how it wounds the children: Not All Children Raised by Gay Parents Support Gay Marriage.

1st argument: “they described emotional hardships that came from lacking a mom or a dad. To give a few examples: they feel disconnected from the gender cues of people around them, feel intermittent anger at their “parents” for having deprived them of one biological parent (or, in some cases, both biological parents), wish they had had a role model of the opposite sex, and feel shame or guilt for resenting their loving parents for forcing them into a lifelong situation lacking a parent of one sex.”

1. Why were they in that household? Weren’t their bio parents incapable for some reason of raising them? Did the gay couple kidnap them? Come on. There was something disqualifying about their bio parents. Maybe that should be criticized more than the adopters’ hopefully private lifestyle. If’ it’s not private then that isn’t an exclusively gay problem either.

2. A lot of children are raised by same sex people such as mothers and aunts and grandmothers because of absent fathers. Don’t they feel the same loss and guilt through no fault of the caregivers?

2nd argument: “It’s disturbingly classist and elitist for gay men to think they can love their children unreservedly after treating their surrogate mother like an incubator, or for lesbians to think they can love their children unconditionally after treating their sperm-donor father like a tube of toothpaste.”

1. The “mother” volunteered to incubate the baby for money. The “father” submitted his donation for money as well. Biology is too simplistically lauded. Their hetero parents sold them and maybe the anger is displaced to the adoptive, buying, gay parents.

3rd argument: “The children thrown into the middle of these moral hazards are well aware of their parents’ role in creating a stressful and emotionally complicated life for kids, which alienates them from cultural traditions like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, and places them in the unenviable position of being called “homophobes” if they simply suffer the natural stress that their parents foisted on them—and admit to it.”

1. Mothers’ and Fathers’ days aren’t the biggest holidays.

2. Being called a name isn’t the biggest deal either.

Based on presented evidence, I don’t see any difference between these children and those who have been adopted into hetero situations out of tragedies of divorce, death, abandonment, neglect or abuse. It makes me think gay people are discriminated against more than other dysfunctional people. It was mentioned to me that homosexuality is a bigger sin because it is “against nature”, but to me all sin is against nature, though it seems there is something more damaging about sexual sin in general. I’m not totally sure about that either because Proverbs says God’s most hated sin is lying.