by Andrea Elizabeth

I would rather have watched Selfie last night than the Halloween decoration show that pre-empted it. The World Series played background instead. Besides being witty and well-acted, I am watching Selfie to see narcissism criticized, and to see what their alternative is. So far it’s reverse narcissism where you get caught up in other people’s dysfunction instead of just your own. The receptionist is aware of everyone else’s life, but when the last episodeĀ focused on her, I was a little disappointed to find in her disillusioned state, she ends up enjoying dancing by herself. And she has an expensive wig collection.

The Henry Higgins character is a stoicly selfless, but his ex-girlfriend reveals that he has trouble emotionally connecting to people.

Eliza herself is also emotionally detached from people. The difference is that she wants statistical affirmation from the number of responses, positive or negative, on social media.

While Eliza is making some strides towards acknowledging people as more than response units to her attractiveness, Henry is learning to sympathize with why she is that way and is more and more affected by her attractiveness, unfortunately. His stoicism is crumbling.

So it seems that their answer to narcissism is to take turns being narcissistic. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

In one scene Eliza is standing over a trash can eating her lunch, and after being moved by why she does that, he goes and stands with her. I find that a caving into her dysfunction. I would rather they took baby steps to move her towards sitting at a table. It was nice he came over to her, but maybe he could have pulled up a chair to the trashcan? I think it is too soon to start a romance under such dysfunction so I hope they slow down their movement in that direction. See Girl Interrupted for why.