On the occasion of my daughter’s 20th birthday

by Andrea Elizabeth

My other daughter and I took her to see Guardians of the Galaxy which they had seen before but I hadn’t. I spent most of the time being caught up in the emotional story, a bit put off by most the visuals, very impressed with the honesty in the dialogue, and comparing how the new generation relates to storytelling vs. mine.

I already discussed most of it with her, so anything I say now seems a bit reworn. Reworn is probably what they tried pretty hard to create. I’ve heard Star Wars was the first movie to make spaceships look used. The space scenes were hypersaturated almost like those fantasy paintings of big red moons and shiny lakes with rainbows and unicorns. But Groot was a very pleasant respite from all the hyperness. In many ways. He was a nod to Treebeard and the sacred tree in Avatar. Well done. They kind of messed that up in the credits, but you have to love this generation anyway.

That’s all.