sick child-sitting on Sunday morning

by Andrea Elizabeth

I forgot how much I missed Kripke’s storytelling after he left Supernatural after season 5. Revolution combines old time westerns with Indiana Jones and the complexities of Lost, seeing as J.J. Abrams is also contributing. It’s fun to see some of the Lost actors again, too.

My only conceptual gripe – ok I wasn’t going to but I’ll also lament the survivalist female tanktop wardrobe, the boys can always find nice, loose Tshirts – is that electricity is the only goal because that will give us our digital pictures of our kids, keep bad guys contained, and give us access to life-saving medicine.

The reason survivalist shows are so interesting is that people are forced to dig deeper into themselves and evaluate what’s important. This is why electronics are not allowed on spiritual retreats. So I’m not sure that the ratio of good guys to bad would be that disproportionate without electricity. Gunpowder, which is heavily controlled in this show, is a more interesting and pivotal ingredient to me. At first the Indiana/Tommy Lee Jones guy didn’t have any and that was a much more aesthetically pleasing sword fight than those after he got a gun. Shooting someone somehow provides an emotional catharsis of revenge and closure. But stabbing someone is so much harder to do that it costs the killer too much to provide relief. He or she has to struggle more to get close, and then feel the resistance of the flesh, which we are much more averse to. Bad guys don’t care, but again, I’m not convinced that harsh conditions would breed 90% bad guys.

Do “third world” countries have 90% bad guys? Civilized countries didn’t have electricity till 125ish years ago either. Armies/police are what kept law and order. I wonder if an evolved society could do without either. That’s probably not possible. Even The Village had its threats of monsters to keep everyone behaving, and that didn’t work so well either.

It’s all about lust of power. Even babies and women exert power by crying or by being cute. And nice people want the power of making others happy. This isn’t totally depraved, however. It is good to relieve¬†pain. But this can’t be a blind goal. Sometimes pain is necessary, of course.