the post after this will be about absurdism

by Andrea Elizabeth

Does anti self-negation make one a diva? Here’s a way it could go:

Don’t talk about yourself.

How can one know others if one doesn’t know oneself?

Projection is attributing to others one’s own point of view. Mostly this feels unjustified, but I have a broader theory.

Man in infinite (although with a starting point. Hey, if two rays originate in the same point and go opposite directions, then they take up the same space as an eternal line.), therefore he contains all points of view even if he only accepts some of them, so nothing that is said of anyone is really untrue, even if it is undiscovered. This is related to the knowledge of good and evil.

So, if one knows oneself fully, then they will know everyone else.

So why don’t you speak more in the first person without your exceptions of bringing out your limitations?

I don’t want to talk about it.

You are negating yourself.

Quit looking at me.

Who am I?

My mirror. I prefer to find out about myself through a telescope.