the first and last bachelorette

by Andrea Elizabeth

that I ever want to see. Not to mention the bachelor shows. It is the Hunger Games where people watch heart break and devastation for fun, aided by a too cheerful, but paradoxically sympathetic host. At first I sort of thought it could work despite the contrivance because of how Nick and Andi seemed to be able to find something real, but I guess having to consider 25 and then ditch 24 guys takes it’s toll on a person’s soul.

In the beginning it seemed the disappointment wasn’t warranted in the rejected guys who didn’t really spend that much time with her. But towards the end, it really seemed that she was leading the final 3 on, but especially Nick, whom she encouraged more than anyone. The way she suddenly turned icey cold on him that last day took everyone’s breath away. She had a lot more conscience with Chris, but I guess that last bit of goodness wore off too. It’s not healthy to string that many guys along at the same time, and to seriously consider 2 or 3 right before getting engaged. It’s pretty gross, actually.