Oh beautiful for spacious skies

by Andrea Elizabeth

I know Brother Sun, Sister Moon was filmed in Italy, but the actors and singer were American. While watching this video of one of the songs where St. Francis finds the Church ruin,

after thinking about how it probably was supposed to represent the Catholic Church’s corruption at the time, I thought how the Orthodox take a more personal view, that I am in such a state and in need of repair by grace in the Church. Then I thought while watching this similarly toned John Michael Talbot video,

that perhaps American Christianity has a naturalistic quality that springs from the reports from the early European explorers that its pristine nature was indeed heaven on earth, Eden, the promised land; as well as from the Protestant Reformation that took the institutional Church out of the picture, so that one was left with beautiful landscapes from which to draw inspiration and see the glory of God.

I think Cowboy Churches may be the closest to maintaining this idea about America.