discrete kenosis

by Andrea Elizabeth

“Concluding the subject on divine justice, Father Paisios added with a charming discretion: A monk must apply divine [as previously distinguished from eye for eye type human] justice to his life. He can let others take his cell and everything else he owns, if they wish to do so. On the contrary, I don’t believe a family man should apply divine justice and become the reason for the rest of his family members to be upset. They can live according to divine justice, provided they all agree to do so. If you are a monk, you can give your cell to others and wander around by yourself with just your cassock on; in general, it is easier for a monk to endure any kind of injustice or deprivation. When others depend on you, you must always take them into consideration, so they will not end up suffering or being dissatisfied.” ~Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain, by Priestmonk Christodoulos