Thoughts in the plane home from Britain

by Andrea Elizabeth

Heath on the hill
Jane Austen was in Bath
Lord have mercy
The young man two seats down is probably Indian. He wants to be left alone, but borrowed my pen. With his mimicking fingers he acknowledged my needlework. BUT, he put his pillow on it after Ben left the middle seat vacant to see a movie next to Rebecca where it works. I had gone to the loo.
You’d think he was self centered the way he takes up room. Jeremy says Indians aren’t as space conscious.
Britons are space conscious. They look away and expect you to. Americans are invasive with their looks. They think you’re their business. Britons have a code of gregariousness if they’re hosting you. They draw you out inviting you to join the banter about things about. If you get uncomfortable they back off politely.

The Danish mountain climber did not back off till I told him to go talk to my friend a little ways down. My heart was pumping my blood to my face, and I needed to catch my breath. He was on holiday away from his 3 kids. Denmark is flat. The rain won’t be too bad, so go on up past the arctic circle. You can make it! Ok!
I was glad he didn’t abandon me like the Brits do, but I’m not used to it, so I sent him away.
All the accents are wonderful. I could listen the rest of my life.