Merry and Mockingjay

by Andrea Elizabeth

Merry’s gotten her bounce back since accompanying us to horse lessons twice this week. She’s up on her console perch more in the car, bounding bunny-like across the backyard of the Denton house, hopping around when she wants something at home, and only going in my closet when she’s sleeping. She’s snuggling more with me too. She was always Pippin’s dog, but now I guess she’s mine. Chaining her to my wheelbarrow Monday seemed to establish the new connection. It felt like I was splinting both our broken hearts together.

Rebecca and I finished the third book of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, yesterday in the car. I guess the first two movies softened me up to the series to want to finish the third book before the third movie comes out. Our son, Jeremy, drove to Atlanta twice this spring to be an extra in it. He helps storm the Capital. I forget which district he’s dressed up as, but he has a sort of Arabian outfit. They told him not to wear his veil, so maybe we’ll get a peek at his face.

Back to the book. I liked the ending. And the description of someone near the end of their rope. One observation. She is very passive in her relationships to her two love interests and is pretty much up for grabs. Her sister, Prim, is usually the one she will fight for, but not so much to be with, but to save. She wants to be with the one who will chase her down. She doesn’t have the energy to chase anyone else down in order to stick with them. Maybe that’s how she’s not male. She chases in order to kill, whether it’s an animal or the biggest villain. The thought struck me that her pursuit of the villain is almost erotic in nature. Her response to Snow’s sickening roses is described negatively, but there is attraction all the same. She is completely and irresistibly drawn to destroy them, and the scent haunts her. She can’t rest until she’s consummated the kill. But neither can she rest until she has been won. And then that person has to convince her to bring life into the world. Her redemption.