The third day

by Andrea Elizabeth

Merry held her own today at horseback riding lessons where there are lots of dogs of all sizes. She seemed glad for the company but a little overwhelmed. It’ll take her a while to get used to facing the world without 3x bigger, but same height Pippin. I took her over a few of the lower horse jumps, which she cleared, but seemed more interested in the other dogs. I’ll take her back tomorrow to keep her out of my closet and because I’m not ready to leave her alone. She just needs to learn not to chase the chickens. Then maybe I can let her off her leash. I guess I’m sort of Pippin’s replacement in her life. She is looking more to me for reassurance and guidance, which I previously left to him. It’s sweet but it makes me sad for how she misses him. I hope she’ll bond more with the cats eventually, because I don’t really want to get another dog. I had to wash all the rugs and mop the floors after Pippin’s 2 days of losing his functions, and it’s weird how they’re staying clean when he was constantly shedding on them before. I didn’t think I’d miss his hair collecting all over the place. It feels wrong not to have traces of him lingering around.