Day 2 without Pippin

by Andrea Elizabeth

Last evening, after declining an invitation to go to George’s friend’s house with him because I’m too sad and distracted to try to talk to people, Rebecca and I coaxed Merry out of my closet to go for a ride. She laid on the floorboard in the back seat. We called her to at least sit on the seat. She didn’t have much energy to look out the window. She perked up some when we offered her fries. She used to like to ride with her back feet on the seat and her front feet on the middle front console where she could see outside, which she did briefly while we had food, then went back to laying in the seat. We decided to take her to Boulder Park in Glen Rose. She was excited to prance around, sniff other dogs, wade in the river, and watch the children. She lead the way on the hike through the woods too. Guess we’ll have to keep doing stuff like that because this morning she doesn’t want to go in her little back yard and keeps going back in the closet. Feeding her by me made her lay down by her bowl after finishing instead of going back.

I’m so glad I had all day to sit with Pippin Saturday. He deserved the direct attention he only got in spurts before. I can’t believe how much I miss just knowing in the back of my mind he’s there waiting and happy for any interaction. That’s humility. I was very sad when the first kid moved out, because there was a little bit of an exaggeration about it, and I’ve been a little sad at the others leaving the nest more gradually, but this is the first time the house has felt too empty and seems too quiet. His constant attentiveness to where we all were, his helping me shepherd the cats who got out occasionally – he was so good at that, and his making sure all the kids were in the car before he got in, kept me from feeling alone in my job. Plus we got him so soon after George’s kids moved in and we had Rebecca, that he was a link to their childhood and our sense of family. I was thankful Saturday that his last bit of shepherding brought 4 out of the 6 back home, while the other 2 texted, on Saturday. Felt a little like the best of how it used to be.