First day without Pippin in 12 years

by Andrea Elizabeth

The least painful thing is to sit by Merry, his Dorgi companion of the past 2+ years. I can’t forget her in my grief, though it made me cry more to feed her. Dinner was Pippin’s favorite time of day. We just bought him a new large bag of food, which I shouldn’t have opened I guess. I had already poured it in the large bin that we had to get because our new cat, Thor, loves dry dog food and can break open even the larger, thicker bags to get to it. I just poured the last of his previous bag that was in the small bin in with the new food, and put Merry’s new smaller bag of food in the small bin. I’ll only need to get food out of that one from now on. I guess I’ll feed Thor Pippin’s food, one or two pieces at a time to keep him occupied while I get Merry’s. It should take the rest of his life to finish it.

This morning I put bluebonnet and indian paintbrush flowers on Pippin’s grave. We buried him with Punkin, who I’ve written was run over maybe 7 or 8 years ago? They were inseparable and now they will be again. I’d forgotten we buried her in a plastic bag. That was before I knew about green burials. I hope they’re together in consciousness now.

Punkin was quiet and shy, and Pippin was gentle with her. Merry’s more rambunctious and perpetually puppy-like, and Pippin acted like a grandfather trying to keep up with her, but he did in his determined, energetic way. She’s being awfully quiet and still today. She never used to cuddle, but now she is. I’m glad I didn’t leave her alone today to go to Church. She may have handled it better in the Denton back yard though. She can run around more chasing under the taunting squirrels in the trees there.