that other country

by Andrea Elizabeth

I just happened to catch Pat Robertson, televangelist, talking to a family who had lost a son. His sister wrote about his life with a heart condition and his two near death experiences before he finally succumbed to it.

Especially heart-wrenching was her description of a conversation they had one night on the dock about how peaceful and at home he felt in the light during his near death experiences. I tend to agree with the family that he was in heaven, but we are taught to be cautious about personal experiences. It could have been a deception from the devil seducing him to give up his struggle and to leave his family. So did he prove his love for God by eventually dying, or did he take the easy way out? I am aware that most deaths occur against our will, but I think there is also something to the idea of our ability to “give up our spirit”. Some terminally ill people have to be persuaded to let go. And some people live this earthly life somewhat reluctantly, but will themselves to keep going out of a sense of duty to God and their loved ones, even amidst enjoyed perks.