Meryl and Maks

by Andrea Elizabeth

I have heard several ice skating commentors lament Charlie’s lack of emotional connection to Meryl. I don’t know how Charlie is with his girlfriend, Olympic silver medalist Tanith Belbin, who also seemed to break Ben Agosto’s heart, but Charlie appears to have only two facial expressions: happy and intensely concentrating. Meryl has a wide range, including unrequited love-lorn. Despite this, Davis and White are able to tell romantic stories with their skating. Somehow Meryl’s face tells that part, while their body language transcends their personal lives to bring us up to the the essence of truth about men and women. Something only dance can tell us.

Enter Meryl’s new Dancing with the Stars partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. They have emotional chemistry that is freely expressed in both their faces. Is it true love? I love Maksim’s answer to Glamour Magazine:

Glamour:”OK, I’m just going to come right out and say it. I want you and Meryl to date. You guys are just so cute!”

Maks: “Aww. Thank you.”

Glamour: “Does she have a boyfriend?”

Maks: “You’ll have to ask her.”

Glamour: “Seriously though, you’re just so good together and complement one another so well.”

Maks: “She’s definitely good for me. Getting Meryl this season really opened up my eyes of how important it is to have that chemistry with your partner on this show. I just want it on the record that most people don’t know who I am. If you’re watching me on TV for two hours, I may not like that person either. So you pass judgment on who you see on television. Everybody has a character. I’m not that guy. Meryl brings out the best in me, and I’m glad people see that.”

Glamour: “The chemistry that you were just talking about…it was obviously so evident on the dance floor tonight, but what is it like when you’re practicing?”

Maks: “She’s brilliant, and I tell her, ‘We have to stay in character.’ The first time we [practiced this dance], I’m a guy and she’s a girl. Whether we’re single or not is irrelevant. It wasn’t awkward at all. That’s what makes her so amazing to work with. I’ve never had a partner like this. I’ve had brilliant people [in the past], including Erin [Andrews], but we never had that. We had that moment with Erin in the freestyle, but she only let me that close on that week. For Meryl and I, we both know exactly what we are.”

Glamour: “And what is that?”

Maks: “She’s my perfect partner. Perfect woman? That’s not for public knowledge, but she’s definitely an amazing person.”